New Look, Better Quality, Better Purpose!

Here it is a new year and we could not have been more excited to debut our upgraded classic collection! Some things are consistent like the branded end piece featured on both sides of a mahogany wood. Also the colors of our Classic Collection that is our staple for Maple Syrup & Co!

What did we add?

We have added a stronger coat to our bracelets, the original wood featuring taiwanese cheesewood is now featured with a strong coating increasing the longevity of the bracelets. With longer lasting beads we are truly making sure our customers can enjoy every bracelet they purchase.

Whats the better purpose?

We are proud to announce that we are now eco friendly and activist in the ever changing environment. With that being said we are proud to announce our partnership with One Tree Planted, for every bracelet that is sold we are planting on tree in both areas in which are rich with the materials used to make our beautiful product but also across the states! Adding more value to every purchase and now our customers can both enjoy the look and appeal of our products but also feel humbled in giving back to the environment!

Check out more detailed images below of our newest updates to the 12mm bracelet!

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