#HowDoYouRockEm | Week 1

Welcome to the newest addition to the Maple Syrup & Co website! #HowDoYouRockEm we believe every inidvidual has their own style which makes them unique in more ways than one, so why not snap a pic of it!

Here we have the introduction of the #HowDoYourRockEm campaign for Maple Syrup & Co customers from all over the world showcasing how they rock their signature Maple Syrup & Co bracelets.

How Do You Get Involved?

1. Once you receive your Maple Syrup & Co package simply take a pic of you rocking them.

2. Then post the pic to your Instagram or Facebook page and tag us @MapleSyrupCo or #MapleSyrupCo.

3. Then every week our editors will pic the best shots of the week and showcase them every Sunday on our blog.

In the meantime check out this weeks pics courtesy of of our customers and let us know #HowDoYouRockEm!

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