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Nature has many things to offer the world on a daily basis! Especially its beauty and what better way to emulate that beauty than creating accessories that truly embody what natures rich color provides to the eyes? This is our mission when creating the classics collection of our Maple Syrup & Co line. The reason behind the classics collection is to embrace natures color throughout the year, a consistent view among consumers across the world. Featuring six color ways, Black, Olive, Tan, Natural, Spiral and Chocolate Brown.

The classics collection is more of a starter kit to many accessory connoisseurs, its main focus is to help the individuals that are not jewelry wearers, the ones who rather a natural look or the consumer who is unsure what to wear but with a classic color piece can add style to any outfit.

Simplicity that is the true definition of our Classics Collection because it provides a base, a starting point or the standard in the beaded accessory realm. It is a collection unmatched and irreplaceable even with a fashion environment that is forever changing. the Classics collection gives each and everyone who believes in their own style a chance to flaunt it with just a flick of the wrist.

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