Classics Collection 1.0 | Lookbook Part 2

Lets get to the basics! Here we have our highly sought after spiral and natural color ways. To begin the natural color way is definitely something that truly embodies the textures and appeal of wood in its most vulnerable stage. The natural color way is an unfinished beaded bracelet complimented like always with our signature bead perfect for the newcomer that does not want a bold color for a bracelet. On the other hand the "Spiral" color way is definitely going to spice up any outfit. Not only does it feature a polished finished look, it is also accented with stripes along the bead. Since each bead is different each bracelet is unique in its' own way. in our opinion we believe that these two color ways are definitely a beginners choice and obviously a must have if you need something for everyday!

Check out more shots below.

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