January 11, 2017

Established in the heart of New York City, Maple Syrup & Co is unlike many accessory and handmade companies throughout the United States for a few reasons. Establishing an identity that is incomparable, Maple Syrup & Co embodies the organic and authentic look of nature and all its offerings to individuals across the world. With its rich colors that truly embody natures natural beauty in all of the 4 seasons Maple Syrup & Co appeals to a consumers pathos and feelings more so than their taste or style. But who wouldn't want to look and feel good at the same time? 

Passion is also another quality that Maple Syrup & Co has, wi...

September 30, 2016

Fall and Winter are approaching real soon and Maple Syrup & Co is making sure to keep you up to date with all your fall accessories. With the launch of our Fall/Winter collection Maple Syrup & Co truly embodies the color schemes that Fall weather represents. The six piece collection includes Dark Forest Green, Grey, Orange, Walnut, Cherrywood and the re-issue of the Mauve color way! 

With the pumpkin coffee and beers right around the corner these bracelets are sure to be a hit amongst all genders and ages for every outfit, truly giving that fall outfit a finishing touch!

The bracelets are set to release on October 7th, 12PM. 


July 21, 2016

In our first edition of "Maple Syrup Sighting" we have renowned reggae artist Tarrus Riley wearing our signature bracelets from the Classic Collection while on tour @ The Howard Theatre. The two colors worn by Riley are both the Olive Green and Tan color ways giving great accents to his outfit. Check out the images below to see his look and stay tuned for the next Maple Syrup Sighting. 

Photos via @KidMixPhotography 

July 2, 2016

 Summer is here and boy do we have some summer colors for your liking! Here we have our Summer 16' Collection that is available in limited quantities. The six color collection is fully equipped with the tones to brighten any outfit with its vibrant colors, yet they are not too flashy to be over bearing for the shy few out there! The collection consists of Mauve, Lt. Mauve, Lt Orange, Sea Foam, White, and Lt. Blue. get them while supplies last they are sure to be a hit for anyone looking to get there summer accessories on point for the summer.

Lt. Orange

 Sea Foam

 Lt. Blue

 Lt. Mauve



July 1, 2016

Lets get to the basics! Here we have our highly sought after spiral and natural color ways. To begin the natural color way is definitely something that truly embodies the textures and appeal of wood in its most vulnerable stage. The natural color way is an unfinished beaded bracelet complimented like always with our signature bead perfect for the newcomer that does not want a bold color for a bracelet. On the other hand the "Spiral" color way is definitely going to spice up any outfit. Not only does it feature a polished finished look, it is also accented with stripes along the bead. Since each bead is different each bracelet is...

June 30, 2016

 Straight from the earth! That's the feel that these two colorway's give when seen by people all over. With the natural toning accompanied by the signature log end bead that all pieces have the Olive Green and Tan colorway's have surely become a favorite among many customers. With the capability to blend well with any outfit these two bracelets are definitely a must have for any bracelet enthusiast. 

These styles are available now online in our online store! Should you need more convincing check out more images below.

May 2, 2016

 With summer just around the corner we debut a sneak peak at some of our products set to release May 15th. Here we take a look at a few styles that are releasing for the summer season which are ideal to compliment any outfit!

For full detailed images visit the website and check out the featured products. 

Which will you be trying to get your hands on!?

May 2, 2016

The return is here! Our highly sought after Classic Collection is back in stock and newly upgraded. Among the new upgrades are more vibrant color beads as well as a stronger holding for all wrists. With the release of these new styles we will have them available throughout the year, great for every and any outfit the Classics Collection is here for all bracelet connoisseurs. Featured in five colors Olive, Spiral, Natural, Chocolate Brown, and Tan. These styles are available now on our website and online store here.


 Seen here (Left to Right) Chocolate Brown, Tan, Olive Green.

Seen here (Left to Right) Natural, Spiral


February 2, 2016

 Exclusively for the month of February we have created a one of a kind handmade bracelet deaturing a Cherry Wood colorway complimented by our signature bead. This products availability is very limited and a one of a kind option ending at the end of the month. With the extra day due to the leap year we are happy that our customers and followers have an opportunity to get their hands on a one of a kind bracelet. 


The signature bracelet will retail for $25 and will be available until February 29th.



January 18, 2016

 Maple Syrup & Co provides fashion enthusiasts with high quality handmade wooden accessories to compliment any outfit combination. With a wide array of styles for both men and women we believe that our customers should embrace the experience of purchaisng our product. So why not add something sweet to your wardrobe with our products!


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